Pixieset.com is the way I share your images with you after your session!

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This online gallery system displays your images beautifully:)  I email you a link and a password and from there you go in and start looking at your gorgeous family.

Screen Shot 2016-05-01 at 2.07.58 PMWhile you are looking through your images, in the bottom left corner (or top right), there are three icons (like you see above in this image of Baby Luke), 1. a shopping cart, 2. a heart, and 3. an arrow.

  1. The shopping cart. You can add this image to your cart and buy it directly from my site. I highly encourage you to do this! Why? Because I print from a professional lab. And they use calibrated printers. I have done a lot of research on this and trust me, you want to use a lab that uses calibrated printers. For more info I suggest checking this post out www.paintthemoon.net/2011/10/photoshop-actions-why-your-print-lab-is-so-important/  I priced my images ridiculously low. Because I am begging you to print your images. They aren’t doing you any good sitting on your computer downloaded. Please print your beautiful family out and hang them on your walls and put them on your coffee tables! Bless your mama and Daddy and give them as gifts.

2. A heart. This is so you can pick your favorites as you go through your images.


3. The arrow is the download button. This will allow you to download all of the images to your computer.

You will have a download pin in the email you get from me. You will enter that.

Select the photos to download and make sure the highlights are checked.

Your download link will appear. Click it the photos will start downloading.

A box will pop up. Choose save images and click ok.

Next click on the download arrow in the top right corner of your internet window and click on the most recent .zip file. Your download folder will open containing your images.

Right click the zip file and extract all

Choose where you want to save the photos and extract them

A highlights folder will appear with your images in it!

I hope you guys enjoy Pixieset as much as I have!


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